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Why Young Americans Are Giving Up on Capitalism

Why Young Americans Are Giving Up on Capitalism

Should we really be surprised that young people are rejecting the economic status quo?



Imagine that you’re twenty years old. You were born in 1996. You were five years old on 9/11. For as long as you can remember, the United States has been at war.

When you are twelve, in 2008, the global economy collapses. After years of bluster and bravado from President George W. Bush — who encouragedconsumerism as a response to terror — it seems your country was weaker than you thought.

In America, the bottom falls out fast. The adults who take care of you struggle to t ake care of themselves. Perhaps your parent loses a job. Perhaps your family loses its home.

In 2009, politicians claim the recession is over, but your hardship is not. Wages are stagnant or falling. The costs of health care, child care, and tuition continue to rise exponentially. Full-time jobs turn into contract positions while benefits are slashed. Middle-class jobs are replaced with low-paying service work. The expectations of American life your parents had when you were born — that a “long boom” will bring about unparalleled prosperity — crumble away.

Baby boomers tell you there is a way out: a college education has always been the key to a good job. But that doesn’t seem to happen anymore. The college graduates you know are drowning in student debt, working for minimum wage, or toiling in unpaid internships. Prestigious jobs are increasinglyclustered in cities where rent has tripled or quadrupled in a decade’s time. You cannot afford to move, and you cannot afford to stay. Outside these cities, newly abandoned malls join long abandoned factories. You inhabit a landscape of ruin. There is nothing left for you.

Every now and then, people revolt. When you are fifteen, Occupy Wall Street captivates the nation’s attention, drawing attention to corporate greed and lost opportunity. Within a year, the movement fades, and its members do things like set up “boutique activist consultancies.” When you are seventeen, the Fight for 15 workers movement manages to make higher minimum wage a mainstream proposition, but the solutions politicians pose are incremental. No one seems to grasp the urgency of the crisis. Even President Barack Obama, a liberal Democrat — the type of politician who’s supposed to understand poverty — declares that the economy has recovered.

I know stuff like this has been a topic of conversation on my dash for years but this bit was a nice articulation:

Capit alism, in other words, holds less appeal in an era when the invisible hand feels like a death grip. Americans under 20 have had little to no adult experience in a pre-Great Recession economy. Things older generations took for granted — promotions, wages that grow over time, a 40-hour work week, unions, benefits, pensions, mutual loyalty between employers and employees — are increasingly rare.

As a consequence, these basic tenets of American work life, won by labor movements in the early half of the twentieth century, are now deemed “radical.” In this context, Bernie Sanders, whose policies echo those of New Deal Democrats, can be deemed a “socialist” leading a “revolution”. His platform seems revolutionary only because American work life has become so corrupt, and the pursuit of basic stability so insurmountable, that modest ambitions — a salary that covers your bills, the ability to own a home or go to colle ge without enormous debt — are now fantasies or luxuries.

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Okay but after seeing this I started doing it too and it’s amazing how many men I’ve run into bc they expected me to move

Gotta try it

I work (and walk) on a college campus. I’ve lost count of how many men I’ve smacked shoulders with.

Recently, I was standing outside my son’s classroom waiting to talk to his teacher. I stood on one side of the hallway, not even close to the center. At some point, a man came walking along. I was standing right in his path, but the hallway was empty, so I logically expected him to swerve around me. Instead he kept walki ng right toward me, got to me, and stopped, as if waiting for me to get out of his way. I didn’t; I just smiled politely at him. He finally walked around me, clearly annoyed that I hadn’t leapt out of his manly path.

Now I’m wishing I’d leapt aside, taken off my jacket and laid it on the floor before him, then bowed deeply and said, “My Liege!”

I also work at a college campus. I smack shoulders sometimes, but I find that if I stare straight ahead and follow the advice below, people get the heck out of the way.


Honestly this post changed how I carry myself when walking alone in public, or in a situation where I’m the one leading. People definitely move for the murder gaze.

Confirmed. I once had to rush back inside a convention hall as the con was closing in order to a retrieve a sick friend’s medication, and I didn’t understand why people in the crowd were jumping out of my way (literally—one guy vaulted a table) until I realized I was dressed as the Winter Soldier and doing the Murder Walk because that’s just how I walk in those boots. I got the meds, got out, and made a mental note.

I repeated the experiment later, wearing the boots but otherwise my usual clothing and mimicking the expression I thought I’d had at that moment. People parted like I was Charlton Heston.

I now wear that style of boots whenever possibl e. I recently had a man do a double-take as I walked by and ask me, politely, where I had served because I “looked like a soldier.” I’m not current or former military. I was wearing a flowy purple peasant top and looked as un-soldierlike as possible.

Moral of the story: wear comfortable shoes, square your shoulders, and walk like you’ve been sent to murder Captain America.


It’s called the Murder Strut.

IT’S BACK!!!!!! I was searching for this to show my daughter the other day and couldn’t find it. I’m so glad IT’S BACK!! I will always reblog the Murder Strut!!

A guy on a bike went around me because he could tell I had no intention of moving. Thanks to this post.

This post went from Scientific to Feminist to Educational to HILARIOUS!

#make men get the fuck out of the way 2k17

I do this now. Stand my ground. Men look flabberghasted that i wont move out of the way. The most annoying thing is when i’m walking along holding Superpups hand (he’s 2.5 years old), and people walk right up to us and expect to go between us… so for me to let go of my toddlers hand for the sake of them. One person i ac tually had to put my free hand out and onto their chest to block the person to stop before they ploughed into us.

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This is all 5 year old Sophie’s fault for refusing to get herself a job.

these people are flat out evil

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Iron Man: I’m the richest and possess the most advanced technology on the planet

Black Panther:

This post got derailed by racists so fast so let’s do this again

Tony Stark is worth around 12billion; Batman 10billion. Black Panther almost 100 TRILLION. Black Panther can buy Wayne Enterprises and Stark Industries at the same Going Out of Business sale. Tony’s tech has always been decades behind Wakanda technology. That’s why Black Panther’s costume is sleek and form-fitting yet still bulletproof while Tony still has to bulk up his with extra metal. Batman doesn’t even have a bulletproof costume unless it looks like Ironman’s. Plus Wakanda’s current technology was i nvented by a female and not just any female a Princess. Batman has Fox invent his technology Tony does the best he can while yelling at Pepper. AND Wakandans found the cure for many different types of cancer. They only reason they don’t share with the world is because white greed and insurance companies.

Panther & Co.™ has enough wealth and power to hide a goddamn country from the entire rest of the world. Tony has a gold-plated bow tie and a few fancy bottles of wine.

My husband saw this as I was scrolling down and said “Dude, Black Panther finds Tony Stark’s net worth in his couch cushions when he’s looking for the TV remote. And he’s probably judging the Iron Man suit like ‘oh hey I had one of those I built when I was 6.’”

And I mean, he’s not wrong. 

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I read an article about how Millennials don’t carry cash on them and got annoyed and literally yesterday I was out with a group of friends and NONE of us had cash

I mean if you get robbed you can cancel the card and transactions. if you get robbed for cash that’s it man

millennials are ruining the robbery industry.

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2015 absolutely drained me. I need abouta 2 year long nap, see you in 2017, folks. don’t fucking vote for trump 

um. good morning and what the fuck 

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When u have a dream about someone giving u all their time and love and then u wake up alone

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buzz aldrin looks like he’s about to tie trump to a rocket and launch him off into space

Do it, buzz

Now that’s a facial journey

Some of my favorites:

Its like hes going through the 5 stages of grief but he keeps flip flopping between bargaining and anger

2017 mood.

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i have a “why am i like this” moment at least five times a day

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